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Boas antes de mais muito bem vindo

Devias passar 1º pela secção de apresentação e apresentares-te la juntamente com o teu bimmer...

para responder a tua questão vê se isto te ajuda:

Firstly to confirm, you do not need to disable the airbag at all as a few people where asking online.

1) Simply remove the 2 screws holding the dash (need a T20 screwdriver)

2) You then need to just pull the dash out, some people pry it away with a flat screw driver but i didnt like the idea of damaging the dash, so instead i took my sat nav suction mount and stuck it to the dash and pulled it out.

3) After pulling the dash forward, you then need to unplug the 3 harnesses / plugs from behind. This a bit tricky because you dont just pull the plugs out. There is a clip and leaver on the back of each plug that need to be un done in order to release the plugs. Its quite difficult to explain without a picture but if you use a small mirror to look behind the dash you should be able to understand how they unclip.
But definitely dont just force the plugs out, undoing the clips will make them come out effortlessly.

The 3 plugs are: 1x small black plug, 1x large blue plug, 1x large white plug

4) After removing them, you can then slide the whole dash out by tilting the steering wheel down (if you have a tilt steering wheel) and simply manouvering the dash out towards the drivers door as there is more space on that side.

Once you have the dash out, you have access to all the bulbs, you do not need to take anything else apart.

All the bulbs are labeled on the plastic.
There are 3 types of bulbs in the dash, small bulbs with a black holder which there should be quite a few of them.
Small bulbs with a white holder.
Also there are 3 bulbs with green holders, these 3 bulbs are the ones that light up the backlight of the whole dash with that "reddy" glow.

Black holder bulbs = 509T bulb (1.2w) Though 509T bulbs from my local shop didnt have the groove on the back like the original bulbs so for these maybe better to go back to the dealership.

White holder bulbs = not too sure as i didnt remove any of them but should be available from any auto store.

Green holder bulbs = 504 bulb (3w)

Then you put everything back together in the reverse order.

Hope this helps a few people out, as its a simple job to do once you know how.

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