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Padrão DIY - Problema nas portas do modelo Coupe

Este artigo é Copy e Paste de outro fórum

This is a well known fault and BMW give this response SIB 51 12 04 Issued November 2004, Titled Door Protection Seal Peeling Apart.
Cause identified is insufficient bonding between rubber and flock-coated portion of the door edge protection seal.

So your door trims are sagging down, so what are your choices:-

1.) The problem part number is 51 71 95 37 00 so if you are buying second hand or not from BMW you don't want this one as it will probably be in the same shape as your out going one.
2.) The new part number 51 71 71 61 687/688 Black Door Edge Protector which will be a direct replacement, but these are expensive nearly £200 a side!
3.) You can repair your current ones, which is what I did and save £400.

So when I first got the car, I tried to fix this with No More Nails Tape Strips, now this did the job and kept it up out the way, but it did look a little unsightly.

So I removed all the old tape and cleaned it all up and it was back to its old sagging state and a bit of peel at the B pillar had now appeared as well.

Also a bit of peeling down the A pillar

So I bought some contact adhesive.

Then as per instructions, spread it all over the inner door trim and all over the remaining side still on the car, left it to be touch dry which was about 10 minutes.

Then pushed it all back in place, making sure that it all sat nicely as you can’t really adjust it once the two sides touch. Now I thought about just leaving it but didn’t want gravity to play any part in it, so I used Gaffer Tape to pull it in nice and tightly.

Then after about an hour I removed the tape carefully and job done and it looks as good as new, because I had used gaffer tape I knew it would stick nicely to almost anything to keep it all in place. There was a bit of residue on the glass and paint but this wasn’t to hard to get off with a little elbow grease.

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