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Padrão Instalar espelhos do M3 no Coupe (e46)

Este texto é "copy" e "paste" de um fórum de USA.

Right, I had to swap my drivers motor out as the heated element wasn't working so took a few pics of changing the motor.
I have a Facelift 2004 Coupe so the M3 mirrors are not a straight plug and play due to BMW changing the motors to ribbon type around 2004. M3's come with the standard motor and either 6 or 12 pin plug connection. So the existing M3 motor needs stripping out and replaced with the ribbon motor which is a pain in the hole as the motor mounting bracket on the M3 mirror is different.
I'll try my best to describe what I've done -

First the mirror needs removing. Ideally you need to remove the door card but I've had the mirrors on and off my car so many times now I can do it by popping just the top left of the card out. To do this, remove the screw behind the black cap (push one side in and flick out with your finger nail) at the door trigger.

Remove the screw behind the Airbag emblem - carefully prise off with a screwdriver being careful not to mark the leather on the door card.

Loosen off the 3 torx (T20 I think) in the door handle

Remove the plastic cover behind the mirror

Pop the door card out pulling from the top left at the mirror
Disconnect the red and black connector blocks from the connectors on the door.

Remove the 2 10mm nuts holding the mirror on - Don't drop mirror!

Part 2

Remove mirror glass - get a v small screwdriver and slide the plastic retainer on the centre bottom to the right and lift the glass off

You can see I've fixed the mirror motor in place wit 2 screws which were screwed into pilot holes I drilled into the black plastic bracket. Getting the motor positioned on the bracket is the hardest part as it requires a lot of trial and error to get the glass located centrally in the mirror housing.
Remove the foam backing then 2 gold torx screws to release the baseplate

Motor removed from base. I'd put a plastic spacer on the bracket to lift the motor forward as the existing M3 motor sat on a raised mounting plate. This is to keep the glass in the sme plane.

Remove the 4 torx screws and the mirror is now totally stripped.

Thread the new motor cable through the hole in the bracket and baseplate.

Fit the baseplate back onto bracket with the 2 gold torx screws

Remove the metal liners from the screw holes to allow the longer screws to fit - unless you can get longer thinner self-tappers that fit through the sleeves. I just screwed the self-tappers in a bit by hand and pulled them out.

Carefully screw the motor back onto the plastic bracket

Fit the glass

Fit the mirror and door card using the reverse of the removal process.

Job done! 45 mins to do the motor swap for me this time but if you are attempting this for the first time, it will take ages to get the motor position correct and you will also need to strip the original internals out of the M3 mirror.
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