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Padrão Homem mais rápido do mundo recebe BMW M3 da Puma

Olympic Champion Usain Bolt with BMW M3

Até fez o curso de condução da BMW...

The fastest man in the world is recovering with a few minor injuries after crashing his 309kW (420hp) BMW M3 Coupe on Wednesday afternoon. Barely five months ago triple Olympic champion and World 100m and 200m record holder Usain Bolt was gifted the M3 by his apparel sponsors Puma.

Bolt, who was travelling with two female companions, received minor injuries to the ball of his feet from thorns he walked on while getting away from the accident. The car apparently skidded off the road in an incident thought to have been caused by a wet road surface. He was on a road called Highway 2000 on the Vineyard Toll section in St Catherine, Jamaica. St Catherine is the capital town of Spanish Town which is in the southwest of the island.

No explanation was given by the 2008 Male World Athlete of the Year as to what had happened. But a member from the wrecker crew said both front tyres were punctured and the front left wheel was almost torn off. The windscreen was destroyed and the rear window completely dislodged. He also said there were tyre marks on the road stretching about 50m up to where the M3 went off the road. Police say there is no indication that Bolt was speeding.

Asked by a reporter how he was feeling after the accident, Bolt answered: "Me good man. Me all right, a just few cuts man, me all right". He was taken to the Spanish Town Hospital where he was examined and released after about three hours with bandages on his feet.

The 22 year old sprinter was scheduled to perform at the Area Permit Meet this weekend but his appearance at the event is now clouded by doubts. His manager said they are playing it by ear to see how he gets along before making a statement.

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